collaboration is important to us.

With roots in the creative industry, we embody the transformative power of collaboration. Long-lasting progress is not built upon the shoulders of one, but upon the expertise and co-operation of many. We are a network of people sharing common goals and values that support our clients to stay relevant and adaptive in volatile, uncertain, and complex environments.

we aspire for thriving outcomes.

btveen is an access point for leaders who want to create and combine the right ingredients for a positive and purposeful future. Providing the bridge between aspiration and results, we take our proven track record in human-led design to help leaders ask the right questions and nurture the right mindset. Our building blocks and bespoke models cultivate the right environment to achieve the right outcome.

reflect on our own experiences.

We lay the groundwork that embraces diverse cultures and perspectives by listening to people’s hopes and fears for the future. btveen understands the multi-level resistance towards change in organisations, and we have the expertise to overcome people’s reluctance to imagine what is possible, guiding them to challenge habits and routines that prevent new ways of being. Working collaboratively, we support stakeholders to create new compelling narratives about their own and the organization’s future and how to get there, together.

we go wide and far.

btveen is an experimental playground where companies are emboldened to envision and shape the future for years to come. We acknowledge what has and hasn’t worked in the past, but progress shouldn’t be hung up on what was. True progress is powered by a vision of what can be, a vision that is able to hold resistances, satisfy stakeholders, and follow market-trends, yet not be constricted by these. We help companies travel forward within new frameworks that bring to life common goals and are resilient enough for experimentation in the face of change.

this is us

We, Yeliz and Simon, are the founders of btveen. We are organized in networks and work with like-minded experts. Depending on the challenge, we bring the right people and specialists to the table. Curated teams are our credo. We are a living concept for a future-oriented organization that enables collaboration in a volatile, uncertain and complex environment.

Yeliz Üney

I set-up teams for new ventures and lead them into their future. Managing change, defining visions and creating concepts for organisational structures are part of my key duties. I help companies to establish a mature culture of collaboration and creativity. 

Simon Müller

I work on companies futures. Naturally I am constantly on the look out for trends. Bringing diverse perspectives together, I turn trends into new opportunities and connect future with reality. My expertise creates impact internally and externally.