transformational programs

We all know that learning by rote may lead to retained information, but is far less likely to prompt the kind of change that pushes us forward.

This is why btveen has distilled years of experience into goal-oriented interactive learning programs that inspire and harness your skills to create change long into the future.

experimental in a safe environment

Nothing new comes from sticking with the old. We passionately believe in creating an encouraging and safe environment for you to experiment with new ways of being, playing with discomfort to expand your potential and resilience.

Exploring your edges within a structured program, you can prototype the new to discover options for impactful behavior that empowers you to motivate your team and, together, bring the company vision to life.

sharing expertise, knowledge and learning

Often it takes an outside eye to offer a fresh perspective on areas of stagnancy and potentiality. Through btveen’s network of international industry experts, start-ups, and business leaders, we help organizations to utilize the wisdom in their field.

Whether it’s through networking, supervision learning in peer-to-peer circles, intervision, best-practice sharing, synchronous or asynchronous 1:1 and/or group work, you not only tap into btveen’s expertise, but that of our network to foster your company’s progress.

conceptualize new behavior

Based on heightening self-awareness by experimenting with individual challenges, our learning programs offer leaders the potent mix of practicality, interactivity, and insightfulness. Encouraging you to explore and experiment, btveen guides you to reflect, connect the dots and conceptualize new ways of seeing and behaving.

With these new, self-generated insights, our multi-modal methods foster authentic change and growth in leaders who can drive the organization forward.

how we support progress

  • cultural assessment
  • corporate learning programs
  • personal mentoring & coaching programs
  • shaping leadership skills & behaviour
  • communication training

our cases

problems we solved to forge new paths


„How can we overcome the disconnect between digital product and value creation for the customer?“

Working as mentor and coach, we highlighted the fault lines before co-creating new ways of working to overcome communication barriers to focus on the potential of the engineering quality and generate customer value.


„How can we bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application?

Working closely with the team to lessen the fear “getting it wrong” in order to create an individual sense of “doing it right”. This gave rise to the self-confidence, enabling them to meet management’s questions without being thrown off-course.

tech service provider

„How can we redefine leadership skills to prepare for the new intake of workers?“

We worked closely with the company’s leaders to adapt a growth mindset that is prepared and agile enough to face future opportunities and challenges with minimal disruption.