why we branch out

Staying relevant requires moving into uncharted waters, which is why it is important that we go beyond our commissioned work. Here we expand our experience not only as consultants, but investors and innovators. Creating new ventures is how we remain inspired, test out new things, and drive ourselves forward in an ever-changing world.

connected experiences

We shape new ventures by fusing the best of our entrepreneurial and corporate experiences with our future mindset. With our ear close to the ground, we connect the dots to discover strategic areas, developing potential solutions to seize opportunities now and in the future.

mastering venture-building

Taking a calculated risk requires doing the homework, and all of our ventures have involved taking calculated risks. Through our three-phase process – Insights, Labs, and Ventures – we always stay ahead of the curve by understanding customer needs and behavior, upcoming trends, and business opportunities.

shaping the future

For us, bringing a compelling idea to life is driven by more than monetary gain. It’s about creating impact with our abilities and dedication to innovation for the benefit of not only ourselves but our fellow humans.

how we support progress

  • identifying new opportunities
  • looking-out for new business partners
  • shaping emerging and established businesses
  • connecting organizations

topics on our radar

lifestyle in tennis

A Studio for Tennis Objects. Launching with Goods in early 2023.

business creativity

We are working on a new service to stimulate creativity in business environments. We call it Business Creativity. Curious? Drop us a line.

circular economy

Coming soon.