motivation through tangible progress.

Even the grandest of ideas are of little value without action. Turning a vision and an intention into inspiring concepts is where the process often gets sticky.

How can one move through resistance to make the abstract vision recognizable, tangible and palpable to others? People stay motivated when they talk concretely about their future, and this is where btveen comes in.

We coach people to take the small steps towards realizing their vision, fuelling self-motivation and progress through communication, transparency and openness.

aligning inspiration on common goals.

What people do now is driven by what they hope for the future. A clear collective image of a possible future helps to stimulate the right dialog in complex, ever-changing environments.

Our approach is to stimulate cohesive desirable futures, helping to lead conversations with stakeholders who – from time to time – have divergent objectives to create alignment on common goals. The organization’s leaders and their behavior are important to us.

This is why we start our process by actively listening, observing and reflecting to key players before designing a way forward.

futures require experimentation.

There is no perfect recipe or “one size fits all” program that guarantees future success. Companies need to envision, and they can’t do it alone. Reaching out to diverse stakeholders from the outside world brings fresh perspectives, interesting views and uncovers unseen potential.

During the process of futuring, btveen guides organizations through in-depth research, experimentation and dialog which becomes more and more the manifestation of the desired future.

creative processes to forge new paths.

New futures need new ways of thinking, acting and collaborating. Integrating a creative mindset across an organization instils a ‘can-do’ attitude that not only develops inspiring solutions for turbulent times, but thrives in doing so.

The VUCA world demands that organizations both understand the signals and drivers impacting businesses, society, and environment, and adapt if they are to succeed. It is the creative process that connects the dots between inside and outside, enlivening the whole company as they forge a path towards a new future.

how we support progress

  • research and forecasting
  • discovering opportunity fields
  • envisioning future scenarios
  • immersive stakeholder experience
  • stakeholder alignment
  • inspiring narratives

our cases

problems we solved to forge new paths


Despite belonging to the public sector, our client wanted to adopt a unicorn-mindset, asking us “How do we raise awareness and create action on our common future?” With our process we created conversation starter to align complex stakeholder structures on common goals.

social services

Citizens expectations in using digital services are increasing and a platform ecosystem for social services already in the making. “But how can we reimagine the platform ecosystem to capture the interest of citizens so that it becomes their life-companion?”


Engineering excellence meets digital product team. A cultural clash was predictable and needed to be resolved in order to create new business opportunities. Establishing a customer centric mindset and giving guidance through a solid innovation process was key for success.