power of perspectives.

What people do and how they do it is shaped by perspective. At the heart of btveen’s building process is listening to diverse voices from the leadership, team, and external stakeholders. We help organizations develop the agility to zoom in and out to better understand complex situations and uncover root causes of recurring issues.

Unlocking areas of stagnancy to create fresh insight, we plant the seeds of progress in organizations by cultivating new ways of seeing and thinking. All action is based upon perspective.

dynamics of interaction.

Company culture is built on ideas, people to people interaction, and decision-making, which is why btveen pays close attention to not only the ‘what’ but the ‘how’. By exploring company dynamics, we make the intangible in-between of relating tangible, sensing into people’s needs, challenges, and motivations.

Once relationships are understood, we support companies to create a coherent culture that has commitment of not just a few, but the whole.

collaboration is key.

Working in silos is not an option for any organization wanting to attract the best individuals and thrive in an increasingly connected world. We believe the driving force behind every effective innovation and initiative is a complex ecosystem where collaboration harnesses the very best in people and their relationships with each other.

We help organizations bring the potential of their team to life through collaborative systems and processes that harness what’s possible long after btveen’s work is complete.

intentional design for transformation.

Organizations can change. Cultures can change. People can change. Never all at once, but based upon a series of intentional and strategic leaps that build belief, confidence, and identity.

Through deliberate design, btveen guides organizations to set in motion an arc of change away from the implausible towards the realizable.

how we support progress

  • organizational process design
  • structure building
  • operating models
  • leadership alignment
  • defining culture code
  • interim management

our cases

problems we solved to forge new paths

media service provider

With a common organizational identity that values shared knowledge underpinned by a customer-centric mindset, we helped our client to not only be more impactful for their large customer base, but to also create a working culture where their people can collaboratively learn and grow.

design company

“How do we create a strong culture that is perceptible in a remote working environment?”

With vast experience working in the creative world, we capitalized on our personal insights and promoted actions and values that aren’t dependent on location and can be sensed irrespective of distance between people.


“We have a high level company vision, but how can we guide our teams through the next phase of change?”

Helping our client to adopt the soft power of communication to promote a growth mindset, we simultaneously guided them in upgrading the skills of their workers while establishing a belief in innovative progress .  

tech start-up

“How can we prepare ourselves for the expected growth so we can continue to thrive?”

By focusing on culture, the atmosphere of the start-up was created to ensure our client stepped into their next phase with intention and a sense of what they stand for, where they want to be, and who they want to work with.